Today I am grumpy….. and kinda glad it’s Friday!!

This week has been a bit crazy, starting with my scan and consultant on Monday, then opticians for biggest boy on Tuesday, an impromptu trip to a&e with smallest on Wednesday and dentist on Thursday…. which was rather traumatic as me and smallest boy got locked in…..

im absolutely exhausted and feeling pretty rubbish today…

today also marks 1 whole year since I sat with my beautiful Nan and said goodbye to her as she finally gave up her fight on this earth….

this afternoon consisted of a trip to the cemetary with my boys and I’m now physically and emotionally exhausted after a very long busy week…. it’s only teatime but I’m ready for bed…. hoping hubby hurries up home from work  and takes over with our crazy brood!

Sleep has been full of crazy vivid dreams this week too…. waking me up several times a night which I guess hasn’t helped….. especially when they’ve felt so real…. im just a moaning cow!!

Ive had SO many comments this week about baby…. my bump is VERY obvious now…. and I have to say that most of the comments have just really pissed me off!!!

From “I bet you’re praying this ones a girl” (which I’ve had more tea recently than I can count) and ” this one will definitely be a girl, you must want a daughter” to “ooh starting all over again when the boys are big and independent” there’s also been “oh no you can’t have 3, 3 is a bad number” and  my favourite this week “god was it planned?!” In a shocked horrified voice…..maybe I’m just tired and hormonal but seriously, what has it got to do with anyone else?!

Just in case anyone was wondering   no we’re not praying for a girl…. we’re praying for a healthy baby….

i already have a daughter, and so does my hubby….. none of us could care in the slightest the sex of our baby, and he/she being healthy really is all that we are hoping for.

secondly…. yes we are starting all over again, smallest boy is 7…. no it’s not how we planned it…. we planned it 4 whole years ago…. but would we change it…. not at all, now is obviously our time and we couldn’t be happier that the others  are more grown up and they are SO excited too…. I happen to think it’s gonna be a brilliant age gap!

Thirdly, this isn’t child number 3 in any sense….. this is my 4th baby…. it also won’t be the 3rd living child in our family…. my 2 boys and my stepdaughter already make 3….

and finally, yes it was planned, very much so…. anyone whose followed my blog will know the long journey we’ve been on to get this far….

so yes, I’m being hormonal and temperamental….and I don’t care!!

I guess venting here is better than keeping it all inside!!

I wouldn’t dream of saying any of those things to another woman so I struggle to comprehend why anyone else would say them to me…. but I’ll just continue to smile, nod and ignore people’s comments…. and concentrate on the amazing life growing inside me, and the amazing little family we already have….

interfering people may feel free to comment on my beautiful family, our choices and our lives but at the end of the day we’re entitled to ignore them…. and so we will!

i feel sorry for my poor hubby this week actually….. he’s had to endure all of my moaning about stupid interfering people….. I’ll make it up to him one day…. maybe 😜

we have a busy weekend planned too with our 3 little horrors so no rest for the wicked!!

If you’ve got this far well done…. and i promise Ill be back soon with something less whingy!


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