The good news just keeps on coming this week 😬

Yesterday we went for my 20 week anomaly scan. I was very stressed and incredibly worried, and it was a VERY long half an hour lying there being scanned waiting to hear that everything was ok…. especially as I spent at least half of that time with the bed tipped upside down as baby was in an awkward position…. no good for my already dizzy self 😂

HOWEVER… looked perfect….. no sign of smallest mans kidney problem (which we’d been given a 25% chance of recurring) and more importantly no sign of hydrops…. so far so good!!

And for all those people asking…. yes we know what we’re having….

its a….. BABY!!

We had the same lovely sonographer as our 13 week scan and he couldn’t have been nicer, even after he’d finished he went back and rechecked babies fluid to reassure us there were definitely no signs of hydrops…. really hoping we get him again next time!!

another consultant appointment followed – this time a different dr who just agreed with the plan that was made last week. In fact it took me far longer to book my next 7 scan appointments and consultant appointments than the actual appointment lasted!!

afterwards we braved some window shopping and picked out some baby things that we like…. we are compiling a list to be bought after baby is safely delivered!

i spent most of the day feeling guilty for the lack of excitement…. longing for the days before pregnancy loss when I would’ve been bursting with excitement and  shopping for so many gorgeous baby items….  I was tired and grumpy for most of the day, although hubby did eventually convince me to take the boys out and we enjoyed a lovely evening at the park with them having lots of fun together.

Desperately trying to hold onto the hope that yesterday’s scan brought us to get us through until the next one now, these next few weeks are going to be the most crucial…. hydrops developed between 20-30 weeks in both my first 2 pregnancies so we’re in the danger zone now…. hoping to try and stay busy (I’m sure having the summer hols and my boys home will do that easily!!), stay positive and make it out with our happy ending…. please keep your fingers crossed with us 😘

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