we have a plan!

So I’m just back from my first consultant appointment at my local hospital.

ive been worrying about it for weeks, in fact at 2am this morning I was up writing a list of all the things I needed to say, all the things I need to make sure are put in place, and I’d psyched myself up for stamping my feet until they agreed to follow the same level of care as if had in my last pregnancy….. I was even ready to transfer my care over to the hospital my other children were born at if they didn’t agree to monitor baby closely enough….

the fact I’ve waited for so long to actually get a consultant appointment didn’t help…. my midwife was adamant I should’ve been seen weeks ago, but I’m so glad I waited instead of asking to be transferred already….

it appears all of my worrying was for nothing, in fact today my faith in my local hospital has been restored completely (after such awful experiences in their early pregnancy unit last year, coupled with a not very nice experience when finding out my daughters problems there all those years ago I had very little faith)

i saw THE most lovely doctor -sadly he’s not my consultant – he was covering as she’s on annual leave – but….. he had read my notes BEFORE I went in….. he asked questions about my daughter, about the care I’d received, about the outcomes of all of my pregnancies, and all of the interventions that I’ve had previously. He seemed to genuinely care…..

I didn’t have to ask for anything at all….he asked how I’d been looked after in previous pregnancies, how often I’d been monitored and scanned etc and he arranged for MORE monitoring in this pregnancy, he told me he wanted me to have no reason at all to be any more anxious than I have cause to be….

so I now have a plan for scans and consultant appointments every 2 weeks from 24 weeks….. and hes told me I can go in ANYTIME I have any concerns at all…. and then he even went to see another consultant to check if there was anything else they could do for me

and there was me all geared up for an argument!!

i left feeling so much more positive than I have done in a long time…. and happy I stuck with what I wanted – to be as close to home as possible…. fingers crossed that all scans go well and I get to stay under their care and deliver a healthy precious rainbow baby there too

I’m back there again for a scan and to see the consultant again on Monday….. let’s just hope that goes as well as today 😊


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