End of an era….

Tomorrow my biggest boy leaves primary school….

today I have cried publicly through his entire leavers service…..cried reading his guitar and keyboard lesson reports….. and cried because I’m running out of satsumas…..

I DO NOT cry in public… EVER… in fact even my closest friends were surprised by my tears today… therefore I’m blaming hormones for all of the above!!

Seriously though I have absolutely no idea where 7 years of primary school have gone….. I’d like to say it’s all been great but to be fair there have been some really crap times too.. he has done amazingly though, his school report this week made me incredibly proud, and he is SO grown up, and so ready for high school, and I know he will be just fine.

we just need to survive tomorrow and his final goodbyes (especially to his  amazing TA who he adores and has already shed tears over leaving) So, sharpies and shirt at the ready, tissues packed…. and his leavers hoody firmly attached to him…. last day of primary school here we come…. and I’ll try my best not to cry too much!

My biggest boy all grown up….. a new journey beginning for him and for me as he spreads his wings a bit more…. I think I’m going to find this WAY harder than he is!!!


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