Staying positive

Yesterday we got to see our baby again, for hubbys birthday present we went for a reassurance scan and got to see our baby in 4d.

I was absolutely terrified, and ready to leave before we’d even gone in…. BUT the lady was lovely, within 30 seconds she’d shown us our happy healthy kicking baby…. we watched it sucking its thumb and waving it’s hand, little monkey wouldn’t keep still…. we came away with lots of pictures and a feeling that it’s all much more real…. a little reassurance can go a very long way.

We went out for some food afterwards and even braved a trip to mothercare and babies r us….. not that we bought anything but we picked up catalogues and let ourselves dream and make plans for a little while …. positive thinking for a change!!

16 weeks now and it feels like we might actually really get to meet this baby…. ive spent this evening packing away all my clothes that no longer fit into bags under the bed and replacing them with maternity clothes given to me by a lovely friend yesterday….. I am SO comfortable today it’s amazing!!

I’m finally feeling human again too, the sickness has completely gone, and dizziness much better, headaches are much less often and dare I say I actually feel pretty good!! (Tiredness is still a killer but I can live with that!) second trimester is obviously agreeing with me MUCH better than the first!

In other news….. we got a little teddy bear with a recording of baby’s heartbeat inside from our scan yesterday…. I’ve just let littlest boy name the teddy Tim…. in return he’s going to let me and daddy name the baby something other than Tim…. result!!

Trying to stay positive now…. each day at a time ❤️

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